Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Weigh in for a month and two weeks! (sorry)

As I repeat, I have been very busy and could not do much but I managed to weight the guinea pigs! So here is the weigh in for Wednesday the 25th of January 2012:

**Boys Pad**

Astro: 875grams (stayed the same) - 30weeks (7m, 2w) *In a month and two weeks*
Mika: 650grams (gained 50grams) - 22weeks (5m, 2w) *In a month and two weeks*

**Girls Palace**

Crumble: 425grams (stayed the same) - 14weeks (3m, 2w) *In two weeks*
Cherri: 480grams (gained 80grams) - 14weeks (3m, 2w) *In two weeks*

Total gain: 130grams
Total weight: 2430grams

Wow, we are seriously topping the scales! I must say I am slightly worried about the staying the sames from both Astro and Crumble but I hope I will start doing the weekly weighs! Well - I really did have an AMAZING holiday! :)

Mika - the camera had funny lighting so sort of came out pinky - red - orange but I kinda like it! Mika has a swollen foot that I am working to heal and hope it isn't Bumble foot but so far it doesn't look like bumble foot! Still it has been going on for two weeks so I'm going to take him to the vets if it doesn't heal!

BIG BIG BABIES! (well not so much babies any more :P)

After coming back from my holiday two weeks ago (I am very sorry for not doing my blog but I was VERY busy!) I am still really amazed at how big the girls are! Before we went on holiday they looked like this:

A video when they were tiny!

And now, still gorgeous!

And I thought I'd just weigh them to see how much they gained in a month:

**Girls Palace**

Crumble: 425grams (gained 165grams) - 12weeks (3m)
Cherri: 400grams (gained 80grams) - 12weeks (3m)

Total gain: 245grams
Total weight: 825grams

Pretty good month, glad they gained well! :)