Tips for any health problems

"Health problems can sometimes be very serious and some can just be natural things they get during life."

~ Mange/mites: Mange and mites are similar problems, the guinea pig's hair falls out and a white dandruff sort of substance attaches onto the skin. The way to solve this problem much more effectivly than using mite and flea shampoo is to use Revolution for cats/kittens, it may vary up to around $30 for around 3-5 small tubes and one tube is for one guinea pig. You can buy revolution at your local vets and maybe some pet shops.

**Please note these are not my pictures but off a friends blog!**

[Sprout a rex bub before getting mites]

                    [Sprout when he got mites - you can see the hair loss around his hip/side etc.]


                                                       [Sprout now, healed and happy... ]

~ Alopecia: Alopecia is completely harmless hair loss. Mumma guinea pigs can loose a bit of hair after giving birth due to the smell/hormones of the bubs. The hair will grow back once the bubs are fully weaned.

~ Worms: As you probably know, every animal can get worms, it is hard to tell if your guinea pig has worms so treat them for worms by using the worm treatment found at any pet store.

*please note that this is all from my own experience and if you have any quiries be sure to e-mail me at:*

Be careful not to get white dandruff substance from Mange/mites muddled up with healing skin!

- Astro when we first got him, more of a glossy coat, now it is more natural with a slight glossy tinge! :D

- Lol, here was when Astro had gotten bitten by naughty Mika. I got really worried when it became a scab and got a white substance around it! Until a friend said it was just healing skin... but if hair starts falling out it's something serious! :P