Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

lol - yes I am on holiday and I am having a great time but I still have to wish you all and your pets (guinea-pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs etc.) a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Wishing you all Christmas joy and New year fun! 

We wish you a merry Christmas - we wish you a merry Christmas - we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year - good tidings we bring - to you and your king - we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year...

and even though the pigs are at home (well at the lady's house [whom is kindly looking after them!]) I am sure they wish you a merry Christmas as well! Sorry about the fact that this is a slightly late christmas greeting! Also check out this site for more Christmas songs! :)

Lots and lots of Christmas cheer

Cherri, Crumble, Astro, Mika and me!


"wheek wheek wheek!"

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Last weigh in for a month

Here is the last weigh in for a month(!) - the weigh in for Saturday the 10th of December 2011:

**Boys Pad**

Astro: 875grams (gained 25grams) - 24weeks (6m)
Mika: 600grams (gained 25grams) - 16weeks (4m)

**Girls Palace**

Crumble: 260grams (gained 10grams) - 8weeks (2m)
Cherri: 320grams (gained 45grams) - 8weeks (2m)

Total piggie weight: 2055grams! (topping the scales! :P) Total piggie gain: 105grams over four pigs! ;) Today is not only the last weigh in day before we go on holiday for a month but also the last day before we go away! Yep - we are leaving tomorrow morning! Already the girls and boys are at the place in which they will be staying... as soon as I return the pigs will be coming home - getting progress photo's (Crumble is more spunky already) getting weighed etc!

Monday, 5 December 2011

A trip to the shops! :)

Yup the title says it all - I went to the shops (haven't been for over a month!) and spoiled my pigs! :)

First I got a bright red piggy hide - away castle!

A view from the top of the castle! I was so happy I'd been looking for one of these for AGES!

As you can see the boys already LOVE it! ;)

Second we got a packet of "Tropical Fruit Shaped Munchies"

The shapes are pear - apple - lemon - celary and they are really good for your cudddley friend to nibble on! ;)

Third we got some "salt lick wheels" (salt lick stones)

Yay finally got one ;)

And last but NOT least we went to the vets (complications with our pet bird) and got supplied with bird nail clippers... the vet said he uses the clippers on birds - cats and small dogs so they should be fine... we tested them out on Mika and they worked a million dollars!

**Unfortunately no pictures were taken off the clippers but they looked the same as any... if you find a pair of clippers in the shops/vets and it doesn't say "clips nails for: - use on animals:" or anything close to that please get them checked by your vet that they are safe to use or in a shop situation (pet shop) go to the counter and ask!**

You can never finish this post with-out an adorable video! ;)

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Not one but two weigh in deals today! ;)

Oh dear - I am so sorry for not doing last week - ends weigh in! I weighed the pigs then got dragged down with cleaning duties etc! I completely forgot I hadn't put in last weeks weigh in until today! Last week the total weight of my four pigs was 1840grams and the total gain was 130grams! The weigh in for Saturday the 3rd December: (today)

**Boys Pad**

Astro: 850grams (stayed the same) - 21weeks (5m, 1w) - (Astro weighed 850grams last week with a gain of 45grams)
Mika: 575grams (gained 25grams) - 13weeks (3m, 1w) - (Mika weighed 550grams last week with a gain of 25grams)

**Girls Palace**

Cherri: 275grams (gained 45grams) - 7weeks (1m, 3w) - (Cherri weighed 230grams last week with a gain of 30grams)
Crumble: 250grams (gained 40grams) - 7weeks (1m, 3w) - (Crumble weighed 210grams last week with a gain of 30grams)

This week (3rd December 2011) the total gain over my four piggies is 110grams and the total weight over my four piggies is 1950grams! This week was really good - great gains from the girls! Next week we will be hitting 2 kilograms! Astro staying the same was a bit of a surprise to me at first then after a bit of thought I'm pretty sure that it was because he is getting so big and isn't even half a year old! If he starts to drop every week I'll start to get worried but he may just start getting slightly smaller gains - I really don't know whats going to happen! The girls moved into a HUGE cage (by huge I mean bigger than the boys) and they are getting plenty of running/playing space but are slightly skiddish! I have been spending as much time as I can with them - feeling that I should cherish having them so close while they are so little! I also need to inform you that I will not be doing my blog for four weeks while I will be on holiday. Sunday next week we will be leaving to our destination!