My Boys


Astro was born Somewhere around the 29th June 2011, and has two brothers from the litter. He is a black, buff and tan abyssinian (even though he does have some rex breeding in the past due to quite thick hair and his brother being a buff and white rex x). Astro is a very noisy guinea pig, making himself known if he's unhappy about his level of food supplies, or the fact that I've taken his cage mate away for a second - making sure he is known if we take his playmate/buddy Mika away from him to check the health and weigh the pigs.. He's a beautiful animal to hold though, seeming very comfortable around people (unless he senses something is wrong, then he would struggle!). He is just a delightful little man. He was the first guinea pig I ever got and is very very special!



Mika has one of the most placid personalities of all my guinea pigs. He was born somewhere around the 5th of September 2011. He is also one of the few who seem to really crave human contact. He's a cheeky, curious little guy too and seems to have a bit of a love for cuddlesacks! I've never seen a guinea pig crave for cuddle sacks as much as he does, especially if I've made another cuddlesack then popped him in. We could stand there for a good 5mins as I watch him get comfy in the cuddlesack (all the time squeaking!) before he stops squeaking and the cuddle sack stops moving! When we first got Mika we thought he was a girl so we called him Chloe! Lol - but now that we now he is a boy (with some help from a great person!) he is called Mika. Mika has a very quiet personality about him but make sure he is known if something is wrong! He and Astro are great friends... well they are Best Buddies! Mika has a funny personality and is so small that when Astro is looking over something high up - Mika tries to see to and stretches his neck hard, but can't see - Lol.