Sunday, 30 October 2011

This is Mika and Astro exploring in my room. They had run around a different part of the house and looked really tired, so after doing this and being little popcorning balls of cuteness they fell asleep on my room floor! :P CUTE!!

[Astro and Mika were popcorning when they heard a dog bark and ran for cover! lol Astro looks so scared!]

[Astro about to jump up! :P]

 [My two popcorning guinea pigs! :) They popcorned everywhere! Even Mika popcorned and his first popcorn at our house EVER!!! His hair went EVERYWHERE!]

[Ahhhh, nap time!Astro and Mika are getting comfortable, unfortunatley the battery died on me as they fell asleep! :(...]

Here is a cute video of my two boys running around the room!! Mika follows Astro so closely!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Big big pigs!

Astro has grown heaps since we got him, 1month and 3weeks ago:

Astro was atleast half the size he is now!

 [Astro was about the size of my hand when we got him!]

[He is such a big boy now it is unbelievable! :O]

Mika has grown quite a lot since we got him 3weeks ago aswell!

[He was a bit smaller when we first got him but not by much!]

 And now his hair progress!

[His hair has a slight wave, like a sheltie near the bum]

 [His hair also has a few extra funky rossettes around his bum!]

[Here you can see his full ody, funky and long.]

Here is the size difference, Astro to Mika! :O Astro was smaller than Mika when we got him!]

A great weigh in!!!!

Here is the weigh in for Saturday the 29th of October:

**Boys Pad**

Mika: 400grams (gained 25grams) - 8weeks (2m)
Astro: 750grams (gained 75grams!) - 16weeks (4m)

Total piggy weight of 1150grams(!), total gain of 100grams! Wow, this week was super good! Special mention to Astro with a whopping gain of 75grams!!! That man is such a big fatty that he'll soon be hogging up the whole cage! :P

Thursday, 27 October 2011


You may notice that I have been doing a couple of late at night or early in the morning post's and changes, this is due because of me adding photo's etc. Sorry if it is by any chance, annoying etc for you!!!

A new texel comer?????

Oh, I just might be getting a texel girl! Oh I'd be so happy if I could! A friend knows a breeder and we might be able to let this breeder let a little girl go! Oh, I really can not wait until I get this last phone call! It'll be the desider of new guinea pig or not a new guinea pig... and a texel!!!!

[please note that these following photo's are not mine but off a friends blog]

[The two above are of a texel bub. Look at those thick, lushes curls! Wow! And texels have a seam down their back and the curls grow on both sides, parting on the seams, the top picture is a really good idea of the seam and the curls parting down either side!]

[This is of the same guinea pig but older, (can't remember how much older) see how the curls are growing longer and in a much more of a thick mass!]

[This is yet again the same guinea pig, (with a cute girl) and has a bigger, mass. (Yes it is older again but this is more what an adult looks like) The cheeks are growing a fair bit chubbier but that is a major point in the texel, look above to see the already chubby cheeks when he was a bub!]


[And finally, the most major part of a texel, the adults curls. Look at those gorgeous thick strands, and with such a natural pattern. It is so thick and lushes, just from that first pictures of him (his name is Liam) you could see all that lushes thick beautiful curls of baby-hood leading up to these gorgeous curls!]

Oh, I love texels!

Monday, 24 October 2011

A cute/funny video I uploaded

This is a cute/funny video of Astro and Mika in the first days we got Mika, it is really cute!

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Another weigh in

                     [Mika and Astro playing on the guinea pig couch]

Here is the weigh in for Saturday the 22rd:

**Boys Pad**

Astro: 675grams (gained 25grams) - 15weeks (3m, 3w)
Mika: 375grams (stayed the same) - 7weeks (1m, 2w)

 Total piggy weight of  1050 grams! Those pigs are quickly gaining more and more! Total gain of 25grams. Special mention to Astro, he had a bad week the other week but he is back and gaining!
Yep - we had a sort of okay week, I was defently confused when I put our little gainer Mika on the scales and he had stayed the same, but next week we'll know if he is well or not! :P

A new pig

I went to a friends (because her guinea pig had given birth! :P) and we saw some adorable bubs!

Here are some pictures:

This is pirate the big mumma, here she has her four bubs.

This is a little girl or she might be a boy! Unfortunately if it is a boy we will not be able to take it home! :(

This is a little girl we will defently be getting! :D

This is the little girl that we will be taking home again! I can not think of a name cute enough to match her! Her mother is a lilac and yes, her eyes are actually pink!

 Here is the girl we are taking home's cute little smooth coated sister! She is so sweet, hopfully we will be taking her home too!

This one might be a girl but is most likely a boy, it is a real sweety!

Sorry about the fact that these two photo's are blurry but I fell in love with a boy I really can not take! He has a gorgeous half half coloured face! Such a sweety! :P

Please help me think of a name for that cute little girl!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Poor hot piggies!

I don't know about you but here, today it was really hot! The sudden change wasn't very nice for the poor piggies! I decided to put another bottle of water in their cage and I found out that that bottle leaks (!) but the piggies really enjoyed the dripping water on their backs so they spent most of their time sitting under it! I decided to put a glass dish on the corner, under the bottle to catch the drops that is wetting the paper underneath it but Astro had other idea's and when the dish was nearly half way ful he went in and sat in it! It cooled him off but I also decided to put a couple of ice blocks in the cage and they just melted! After that I filled a plastic giant shell up with cool water and popped the piggies in there for a couple of minutes! They really enjoyed it ad it really cooled them off! :D Luckily they are cooler and will have a more comfortable evening than morning! :P If you have any tips for cooling them down I would really like it! I am just about to go pop a cool, damp towel into their cage! :)

Friday, 14 October 2011

Weekly weigh in

This is the weekly weigh in for Friday the 14th:

**Boys Pad**

Astro: 650grams (gained 25grams) - 15weeks (3m, 3w)
Mika: 375grams (gained 50grams) - 5weeks (1m, 1w)

Total piggy weight of 1025grams! We really are topping the scales! Total gain of 75grams (!) over two piggies!  Those boys really enjoy eating! No wonder the pigs are so big they eat so much! We did really well this week! Special mention to Astro who has gone back up to a healthy gain of 25grams! Mika looks much bigger and is gaining well!

Fat fat piggies

My two big boys are growing so much! I can tell that they have gained everyday because when I pick them up I can feel the fat little squishiness of thier bodies as well as the contrast of long, slightly curly hair on the belly for Mika! It feels so good to know that they are eating well! Gotta wait until tomorrow to see the weigh in of the pigs!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Damn Bedding!

I really can not wait until the pigs bedding hay is in stock! That paper is very very annoying, on Saturday when I cleaned out their cage the wind blew and made the hay go everywhere (!) and today when I was putting some rubbish in our bin I found a huge heap of paper shreddings everywhere! I spent about 3hours getting up all the bedding! My legs are so sore and my back so stiff! I need some rest on a relaxing sofa by the fire!

 As you can see - shredded paper EVERYWHERE!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


I was sitting on the "Guinea Pig Couch" with Mika and Astro. Mika was eating the food mix while Astro snacked on carrots and the one thing he'd do anything for... homegrown organic parsley! I was balancing the parsley on my leg when Astro jumped up and stole the biggest piece! He gobbled down the piece in ten seconds then looked for more. He then started snacking on carrots and foodmix. I was holding the parsley in my hand high so that the piggies couldn't get to it, I was relaxing and just as I thought I was fine and the pigs wont get to the parsley, who jumps up but Astro and he got the parsley! No more for that little rascal. Astro could smell parsley on my hands and stretched his neck back to , but he couldn't find any parsley! :P I then put my head down to piggy level and had some fun, I was being still and the pigs didn't realise that I was there so it felt as though I was some sort of camera. Both pigs came up to me and had a good sniff each but didn't realise it was me. They brushed past me and I could barely supress a laugh because it tickled. I had barely stopped myself laughing as Mika tickled me with his whiskers when I moved my eyesight and saw Astro'slooming figure just infront of my eyes. That made me jump up in shock. I made the pigs jump and they got tired and waddled up to me. The pigs then snuggled up to me and fell asleep, Mika doing constant jolts of purring. Now they are yawning and Mika is purring even more! (If that is possible! :P)

More Cuddle Sacks

I made some more cuddle sacks today. This time they have a thick roll so that they can stand up with out getting held open. It took around two hours to make including measuring and I made two so an hour each. The roll is made by breaking and stuffing a pillow (old pillow that is already ruined :P) into the cuddle sack. Check out our cuddle sacks page if you want to purchase!

This is a adorably cute video of Mika and Astro wandering further into the doom of the cuddle sack! :P

Monday, 10 October 2011

A new video

Here is a new video, its of my piggies running around a blocked off area of my room! :P (The kiddy book is my cousins! :P)

Mika's bath

Mika had a bath today, he loooked so sweet! I was laughing so much, my mum sitting on the "Guinea Pig Couch" (an old sofa that is so usless no one cares if the guinea pigs pee and poo on it! :P) with Astro. Then my battery for my camera started dying on me! I couldn't afford to waste ANY time! (Yes, I did bath Mika on Saturday but that wasn't a proper bath, that was just to wash his little pee covered strands of hair by his bottom cleaned! :P) So I had to quickly grab my camera and took some cute photo's! :D

Here Mika is having the bath, playing around in the water! :P

Mika was getting wetter! :D (look at the soaked backside! :P)

A bird was calling and our little piggy was trying to see what it was but only seeing pink! :P (I know not the right colour for a boy!)

Mika is stretching his neck, and I think could just see over... 

and.... he gave up looking over the bath bowl and was checking out the camera! :) (as you can see he had a full bladder! :P)

Astro was calling for him and he was calling back! :P

Ah, the bath has finished, time to cuddle with a nice fluffy towel for warmth!

Look at that gorgeous face! Just needs to be cuddled and loved! :P 

Mika nearly fell asleep on my lap, until...

Asrro wanted to join in! :P As you can see Mika has turned his head to see his friend!

And here is the cute little guy you've all wanted to see! :P Astro was having cuddle time with my mum, I have been waiting ages to get a photo like this and now, finally!

Cute little guy! :D

Mika was looking so cute, nearly all dry! This was the last photo I had until I passed this little guy onto my mother!

Here my mum is having cuddle time with Mika while Astro was being a greedy guts and eating heaps of food! :P

Astro was getting jealus of Mika and was clambering in for a cuddle!

Mika is finally dry and my camera's battery nearly gone! Astro and Mika are having some fun on the "Guinea Pig Couch" with each other! 

Astro was looking at me and this weird black thing in my hands as I called his name. Cutest snap of him ever! 

And a better photo of the one above! :P