Saturday, 10 December 2011

Last weigh in for a month

Here is the last weigh in for a month(!) - the weigh in for Saturday the 10th of December 2011:

**Boys Pad**

Astro: 875grams (gained 25grams) - 24weeks (6m)
Mika: 600grams (gained 25grams) - 16weeks (4m)

**Girls Palace**

Crumble: 260grams (gained 10grams) - 8weeks (2m)
Cherri: 320grams (gained 45grams) - 8weeks (2m)

Total piggie weight: 2055grams! (topping the scales! :P) Total piggie gain: 105grams over four pigs! ;) Today is not only the last weigh in day before we go on holiday for a month but also the last day before we go away! Yep - we are leaving tomorrow morning! Already the girls and boys are at the place in which they will be staying... as soon as I return the pigs will be coming home - getting progress photo's (Crumble is more spunky already) getting weighed etc!

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