Monday, 5 December 2011

A trip to the shops! :)

Yup the title says it all - I went to the shops (haven't been for over a month!) and spoiled my pigs! :)

First I got a bright red piggy hide - away castle!

A view from the top of the castle! I was so happy I'd been looking for one of these for AGES!

As you can see the boys already LOVE it! ;)

Second we got a packet of "Tropical Fruit Shaped Munchies"

The shapes are pear - apple - lemon - celary and they are really good for your cudddley friend to nibble on! ;)

Third we got some "salt lick wheels" (salt lick stones)

Yay finally got one ;)

And last but NOT least we went to the vets (complications with our pet bird) and got supplied with bird nail clippers... the vet said he uses the clippers on birds - cats and small dogs so they should be fine... we tested them out on Mika and they worked a million dollars!

**Unfortunately no pictures were taken off the clippers but they looked the same as any... if you find a pair of clippers in the shops/vets and it doesn't say "clips nails for: - use on animals:" or anything close to that please get them checked by your vet that they are safe to use or in a shop situation (pet shop) go to the counter and ask!**

You can never finish this post with-out an adorable video! ;)

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