Saturday, 19 November 2011

Bath time + weigh in

Here is the weigh in for Saturday the 19 of November:

**Boys Pad**

Astro: 805grams (gained 30grams) - 19weeks (4m, 3w)

Mika: 525grams (gained 65grams) - 11weeks (2m, 3w)

**Girls Palace**

Cherri: 200grams (gained 25grams) - 5weeks (1m, 1w)
Crumble: 180grams (gained 25grams) - 5weeks (1m, 1w)

Total piggie weight of 1710 (!), total gains of 145! Great gains from all piggies this week, special mention out to Mika,  65 grams in one week is REALLY good! :) Astro and Mika had a bath today as well! Both complaining but enjoyed the attention! :P

[The set up/ how it looked before Mika had a bath!]

[Li'l Friends Cute 'n' Clean Shampoo, what I use to wash my pigs!]

[Mika's "before" picture, what a gorgeous fluffy man!]

[Mika in the bath! :)]

Mika looking for Astro!]

 [Mika climbing on my hand!]

[And while all this happened with Mika, Astro was exploring the area!]

[The amount of Shampoo I use, even that was a bit much!]

[Mika with Shampoo on! :P]

[Mika's "after" picture!]

[Astro's turn! Astro's "before" picture. Sorry I didn't take any pictures of Astro's bath... it was getting cold so I did him QUICK!]

[Mika wrapped up in a towel! So cute!]

[Astro's "after" picture!]

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