Saturday, 12 November 2011

Weigh in with new arrivals!

Here is the weigh in for Saturday the 12 of November:

**Boys Pad**

Astro: 775grams (stayed the same) - 18weeks (4m, 2w)
Mika: 460grams (gained 35grams) - 10weeks (2m, 2w)

**Girls Palace**

Cherri: 175grams (first weigh in yet) - 4weeks (1m)
Crumble: 155grams (first weigh in yet) - 4weeks (1m)

Total piggy weight of 1565grams over four piggies, total gain of 35grams! (including the fist weigh in yets and Astro staying the same) What an exciting week, Cherri and Crumble were welcomed into our home and depending on Astro and Mika's behavour (if they start fighting because they might smell girls) Mika might be moving out! So far so good! I'm not that worried about our girls being a bit under weight because I am guessing they were both born as runts at maybe 50 - 60 grams for Crumble and Cherri! Also their mother had died giving birth so they didn't have the most important milk for around a day, maybe longer then the mother that was feeding them died so they couldn't get milk until being given to their mother that is still surviving today, the mother had 11 babies from several different families, (3 more were born today) so it must have been a long queue to get milk! That's my theory any way!

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