Friday, 11 November 2011

Cherri Berri Blossom

yep, you read that title right! We have a new arrival! Her name is Cherri Berri Blossom but we are just calling her Cherri and her name is supposed to be spelt like that!  She is very sweet but is quite cheeky and I nearly called her Cheeky, with adorable red eyes to match her redish tinge in her hazel coat! She arrived at home today with her sister Crumble and did a lot of wheeking before finally settling down and nibbling on their carrot treat I gave to them (aswell as some food mix the boys didn't like... Crumble really liked that food mix... they have a HUGE water bottle but are not in their proper cage right now because the cage needs a clean down, and some touch ups! (The touch ups include a ladder that isn't made yet! :P)

[Her now, she is such a cheeky little thing! She didn't stay still for the photo's, mainly because Crumble was wheeking to her A LOT!!!]



I am sorry for the blurry photo's but she is a wriggle bum! You can see how much she has grown since her first photo as a bub, little fatty!

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