Tuesday, 8 November 2011

An update on the girls!

[**Sorry but I didn't have my camera on me! (battery had died) So I couldn't take any photo's!]

I saw the beautiful girls we're getting on Saturday! They are just the most gorgeous bubs ever!

Here are pictures of the two we are getting on the day they were born... if only I had photo's now... well they look nearly the same as they did then but are bigger...

[This little girl (above) is a gorgeous pink-eyed mixture of brown coloured girl!  She's slightly lighter now though... and much more "fluff" happening! She is most likely to be named "Crumble"]

[And this little princess is just what she is like in the picture above (pink eyes, smooth coat etc.) but has a more red coat! She is most likely to be named "Cherri" with a full name of "Cherri Blossom"]

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