Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Today it was quite a hot day and I'm so lucky a friend gave me a little bit of watermelon (two slices) for the pigs. I also put a cool, damp cloth down in their cage to cool them off. (They lie down on it!) When I gave them the water melon Astro was only slightly interested and sniffed it but desided he didn't want it (!) Mika was more on the mild side of being interested and nibbled on the edges, choosing only the one side of the one piece, he quickly got bored and started trying to eat the buttons on my t-shirt to entertain himself so I put both pigs back in their cage. I put the watermelon in their cage as well, hopefully they will eat it during the night... yet when I give Astro parsley he gobbles it up!

[The damp cloth in their cage!]

[Astro walking in the cage! :P]

I caught some cute snaps of the pigs and the watermelon! :)

And Astro and his precious parsley! :P


  1. We love watermelon, so we're surprised Astro and Mika didn't like it more. Did they eat it during the night?

  2. Lol - they nibbled on it during the night but didn't finifsh it!... I only tried them with watermelon because you love watermelon!