Friday, 25 November 2011

Getting to know Cherri and Crumble

After having our two little girls for a week I start to see their attitudes... Cherri is sweet but VERY cheeky (causing a LOT of strife trying to find her because she somehow got out the cage then finding her snuggled up alsleep looking very cosy in a cuddle sack! *sigh*) while Crumble is more curious! Any way it is super duper cute!

I have also been noticing some bickering between the boys - Mika and Astro have claimed spaces of there hutch (cage) and there has been Astro purring and pushing up against Mika for some love and to show dominance but Mika nips him on the head! It could be heat stress, Mika trying his luck for dominant male or could be due to us adopting Cherri and Crumble. I give the boys regular health checks and will continue until seeing signs of vicious fighting and blood then I will seperate the boys a.s.a.p!

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