Sunday, 30 October 2011

This is Mika and Astro exploring in my room. They had run around a different part of the house and looked really tired, so after doing this and being little popcorning balls of cuteness they fell asleep on my room floor! :P CUTE!!

[Astro and Mika were popcorning when they heard a dog bark and ran for cover! lol Astro looks so scared!]

[Astro about to jump up! :P]

 [My two popcorning guinea pigs! :) They popcorned everywhere! Even Mika popcorned and his first popcorn at our house EVER!!! His hair went EVERYWHERE!]

[Ahhhh, nap time!Astro and Mika are getting comfortable, unfortunatley the battery died on me as they fell asleep! :(...]

Here is a cute video of my two boys running around the room!! Mika follows Astro so closely!

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