Thursday, 6 October 2011

Mika and Astro

Our darling little Mika has a terrible foot injury due to terrible mistreatment in the past. Astro and him are living together now. Astro has become the happiest bee in the hive to this arrangement, it means he has a playmate.

 Here you can see little Mika turning his head around in the box so that he could inspect me as I called him name.


 Here Astro and Mika are in the box, Mika just wanted to snuggle up and hide but Astro wanted to play!

Here is Mika, he had just finished his walk practice and is coming around the last corner of the box while Astro was a greedy guts for that whole half an hour because instead of resting or something he just ate! That little man costs a fortune with his food bills!

Astro is VERY happy about this new arrangement. Mika ... not so much! :P He's so much smaller than him too, he lets him no what hurts. But, I think they have come to an understanding: as long as Astro doesn't clamber ontop of him when he doesn't want him to (Mika has ended up being VERY fussy), they'll get along just fine! :)

Here is a sweet picture of Mike and Astro snuggling up together last night! How sweet do they look! Mika was pushing himself up against Astro for warmth! They were so sweet!

 And here is Mika snuggling up to Astro from a different view! You can't see Astro very well but if you look closely you will see little tan splotches from his big body!

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  1. WOW I cannot believe how good you are at photographing your piggy's and they are always looking directly at the camera when you are taking the photo's. Good job on that Ray! Just as a quistion how many times would YOU say that you bath your guinea's a week? I just love the photo of Mika when he is poking his head out of the box to have a little look at the papiratzi taking the (WONDERFUL) photo's of him, and also the one of both Mika and Astro in the very back of the box trying to escape the furociouse camera!! You are right I guess that Astro's food bills would be should put him on biggest looser to controll those eating habbits! I have to say this again but I think that the photo's that you have taken are very very good, keep up the good work Ray. From Gymjunkie101,