Wednesday, 12 October 2011


I was sitting on the "Guinea Pig Couch" with Mika and Astro. Mika was eating the food mix while Astro snacked on carrots and the one thing he'd do anything for... homegrown organic parsley! I was balancing the parsley on my leg when Astro jumped up and stole the biggest piece! He gobbled down the piece in ten seconds then looked for more. He then started snacking on carrots and foodmix. I was holding the parsley in my hand high so that the piggies couldn't get to it, I was relaxing and just as I thought I was fine and the pigs wont get to the parsley, who jumps up but Astro and he got the parsley! No more for that little rascal. Astro could smell parsley on my hands and stretched his neck back to , but he couldn't find any parsley! :P I then put my head down to piggy level and had some fun, I was being still and the pigs didn't realise that I was there so it felt as though I was some sort of camera. Both pigs came up to me and had a good sniff each but didn't realise it was me. They brushed past me and I could barely supress a laugh because it tickled. I had barely stopped myself laughing as Mika tickled me with his whiskers when I moved my eyesight and saw Astro'slooming figure just infront of my eyes. That made me jump up in shock. I made the pigs jump and they got tired and waddled up to me. The pigs then snuggled up to me and fell asleep, Mika doing constant jolts of purring. Now they are yawning and Mika is purring even more! (If that is possible! :P)

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