Friday, 7 October 2011

Hip hip horay for Mika

I am so pleased to inform you that Mika is so much better with the foot injury today. He was following Astro around this morning. If only I had my camera there, I could have video'd it. It is improving so well. I really think that Mika and Astro are growing to love each other so much that they'd do anything to be with each other. They both started squealing as I scooped Astro up and went to put him back in his cage. Then I scooped Mika (who was still squealing) up and popped him in the cage. Then my head stopped thumping as Astro and Mika finally became quiet because they were finally with one another!

Here Astro and Mika are snuggling up to each other in the special box everyone loves! Mika would not stop squealing no matter what!

 Here Astro is trying to push Mika into the wall so that he could get more space! :P

Here Astro and Mika are on my lap, they both purred as they got the good old rub on the back and behind the ears everone loves!! :D Astro and Mika's eyes are not normally like fires it was the reflection of the fire! :P

And here they are on my lap once again! Astro had moved to become more comfortable and was facing Mika's backside! The leaf type thing surrounding the piggies is pea pods, they were eating them before I got this photo!

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  1. Thats great to hear that Mika's foot is healing I believe to have heard that his foot was not in a very good state, well thats great to hear that he/he is better!! Love ya Gymjunkie101 Mmmmmmm I love pea's as those piggies are spoiled!! xxx