Sunday, 9 October 2011

A bit of my own sewing for the pigs.

I put together my mind and work when I had some free time today and (with the instructions of an awesome person) made my piggies some cuddle sacks. I have an outer, colourful sack (the colours are really bland, just a deep blue! :P) and an inner plain sack (it actually is a white fabric nappie!) in the one sack, (sewn together!!) so that every morning I can go and tip out the poo's that collect at the bottom. Both are plain blue and I am going to sew an extra piece of material at the top so I can hang them up in the cages! The boys already love them, I could barely get Astro out after a couple hours of fun with them! Mika thinks that they are his only and squealed really loud when Astro went in and curled up! :P I had to seperate them both and put them in seperate cuddle sacks! :P I am feeling very happy about my work and altogether it took around 20minutes from start to finish! (including measuring!)

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