Sunday, 9 October 2011


I had the guinea pigs in a cuddle sack on my lap and I picked Mika up, he was getting heavier, I could tell. I thought I'd just weigh them to see if they had put on any weight since Saturday. (weighing day!) And sure enough they put on quite a few grams! :P

**Boys Pad**

Astro: 625grams (gained 20grams) - 14weeks (3m, 2w,)
Mika: 350grams (gained 25grams) - 6weeks (1m, 2w,)

That's a total weight of 975grams! And a total gain of 45grams over two piggies! (and inbetween two days!) I am so proud of the boys, we had a good two days! If we add the two gains from today and Saturday it is a total gain of 95grams! Special mention to Mika, over both days he gain 75grams! That's the weight that pregnant pigs get over a week! Astro stayed the same over the two days. (taking twenty off the twenty he gained! :P) But atleast he did better this week!


  1. Hay god job Lilove thats good to hear that the piggys are putting on a bit of extra weight!! From Gymjunkie101

  2. Thanks Gymjunkie101, yes it is very good, I was really amazed when I weighed them!