Saturday, 8 October 2011


 Yipee for me it is Saturday today, Saturday is the day for cleaning out the pigs, weighing the pigs and health checking the pigs! I even got a chance to bath little Mika! Which he rather enjoyed! Just as I went to pile another load of hay and bedding (shredded paper until we get a softer hay! :P) into yet another plastic bag, the wind blew and sprawled the bedding and straw all over the place! So that darn wind easily took 30minutes out of my time as I cleaned up all the stuff off the floor! So after I had finished cleaning the cage (which felt like it took years) I was extremely please with my work progress and I think the piggies were happy to!  Here are the weights for Saturday the 7th of October:

Here is the mess after I had cleaned up three quarters of it at the least! :O

 Here are the pictures from after I had cleaned up the mess and layed new bedding et cetera.

**Boys pad**

Mika: 325grams (gained 50grams) - 5weeks (1m, 1w,)
Astro: 605grams (lost 20grams) - 14weeks (3m, 2w,)

Total piggies weight of 930grams over two pigs, total gain of 30grams. That was an okay week, special mention goes out to Mika, 50grams in one week! That is quite a good gain. My pigs nearly weigh one kilo. I think one more week and we will be topping the scales!

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