Saturday, 22 October 2011

Another weigh in

                     [Mika and Astro playing on the guinea pig couch]

Here is the weigh in for Saturday the 22rd:

**Boys Pad**

Astro: 675grams (gained 25grams) - 15weeks (3m, 3w)
Mika: 375grams (stayed the same) - 7weeks (1m, 2w)

 Total piggy weight of  1050 grams! Those pigs are quickly gaining more and more! Total gain of 25grams. Special mention to Astro, he had a bad week the other week but he is back and gaining!
Yep - we had a sort of okay week, I was defently confused when I put our little gainer Mika on the scales and he had stayed the same, but next week we'll know if he is well or not! :P

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