Saturday, 29 October 2011

Big big pigs!

Astro has grown heaps since we got him, 1month and 3weeks ago:

Astro was atleast half the size he is now!

 [Astro was about the size of my hand when we got him!]

[He is such a big boy now it is unbelievable! :O]

Mika has grown quite a lot since we got him 3weeks ago aswell!

[He was a bit smaller when we first got him but not by much!]

 And now his hair progress!

[His hair has a slight wave, like a sheltie near the bum]

 [His hair also has a few extra funky rossettes around his bum!]

[Here you can see his full ody, funky and long.]

Here is the size difference, Astro to Mika! :O Astro was smaller than Mika when we got him!]

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