Sunday, 16 October 2011

Poor hot piggies!

I don't know about you but here, today it was really hot! The sudden change wasn't very nice for the poor piggies! I decided to put another bottle of water in their cage and I found out that that bottle leaks (!) but the piggies really enjoyed the dripping water on their backs so they spent most of their time sitting under it! I decided to put a glass dish on the corner, under the bottle to catch the drops that is wetting the paper underneath it but Astro had other idea's and when the dish was nearly half way ful he went in and sat in it! It cooled him off but I also decided to put a couple of ice blocks in the cage and they just melted! After that I filled a plastic giant shell up with cool water and popped the piggies in there for a couple of minutes! They really enjoyed it ad it really cooled them off! :D Luckily they are cooler and will have a more comfortable evening than morning! :P If you have any tips for cooling them down I would really like it! I am just about to go pop a cool, damp towel into their cage! :)

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